Why In-Home Pet Sitting Beats Vets & Kennels

Why In-Home Pet Sitting Beats Vets & Kennels

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In Home Dog & Cat Sitting

Pet Sitting in Your Home is Superior to Boarding your Pets

While it might make sense to board your pets in an offsite boarding facility or at your local vet, your animals would benefit much more from having an experienced pet sitter care for them in the comfort of their home environment.

If your pets are able to stay in their home with no troubles on their own, an expert in-home sitter might be your smartest option for pet care.

There are many benefits to hiring an insured and bonded pet sitter, benefits which in some cases might save the life of your pet!

The Pros of In-Home Pet Care

  • Maintaining a consistent exercise and feeding routine
  • Personal, expert attention to your pet’s needs
  • Your pets get to stay together in a stress-free environment
  • Safety, comfort, and consistency of a familiar environment
  • No risky transportation needed
  • Photos and video of your pets provided at no extra charge
  • Mail/newspaper pick-up and front of house maintenance helps with home security
  • Consistent supervision and monitoring of your home and pets on holidays and weekends
  • Hiring an insured and bonded sitter assures you that should any accidents or damage occur, you will receive full compensation
  • No extra charge to feed special diets or provide basic medical care
  • Home temperature and comfort monitored regularly

The Cons of Kennels or Vet Boarding

  • Pets exposed to external parasites, such as fleas, ticks, lice, and mange (mites)
  • Pets exposed to communicable diseases such as leptospirosis, kennel cough and others
  • Minimal care and supervision on weekends and holidays
  • If you have multiple pets, they might be separated in a kennel or at a vet, resulting in stress, anxiety, and isolation
  • Cramped, cold cement kennels or steel/wire cages
  • Dogs barking results in a loud, frightening, stressful environment, day and night
  • Potential for accidents, and injuries possibly resulting in death, during transportation
  • Photos and videos often cost extra
  • Basic brushing and grooming costs extra
  • Preparing special diets or giving medications can cost extra
  • Some kennels and vet environments can become very warm and uncomfortable, resulting in discomfort or illness

Even Hiring Friends and Neighbors Can be a Bad Idea

Having a neighbor or friend watch your house and pets might seem like a convenience, but putting inexperienced and uninsured/bonded people in charge of your home and animals can be worse than you might think.

Typically, your friends do not carry any kind of liability insurance and most people aren’t skilled in dealing with pet or home-related emergencies or in providing reliable medical care for special needs pets.

Do the Right Thing for Your Pets – Hire an Insured Pet Sitter!

While it might cost you a bit extra to hire an insured, experienced professional to watch your home and pets, it can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars in emergency care or medical and legal fees should an emergency arise.

And, by having an expert care for your pets in your own home, you ensure that your animals are safe, comfortable, and happy with an experienced care giver who is backed by full insurance coverage for any emergency that might happen.

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