Why In-Home Pet Sitting Beats Vets & Kennels

Why In-Home Pet Sitting Beats Vets & Kennels

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In Home Dog & Cat Sitting

Experience Superior Pet Care with In-Home Pet Sitting in the Portland Area

It’s natural to consider boarding your beloved furry family members at a local vet or kennel when you need to leave town. But have you ever stopped to think about the exceptional benefits that in-home pet sitting can offer?

The professional and personalized service from a skilled pet sitter in the comfort of their own home can be far superior to a boarding facility, especially when your pets are seniors or have special needs.

The sitters at Bat Country Pet Sitting are not only experts in pet care, they are fully insured, delivering a level of service that goes beyond your expectations, and in some cases, may even be lifesaving for your pet!

Discover the Advantages of In-Home Pet Sitting

The Pros of Hiring a Professional, Insured Pet Sitter

  • No hidden costs for special diets or basic medical care
  • Uninterrupted exercise and feeding routines, fostering wellness and reducing stress
  • One-on-one, expert care focused on your pet’s unique needs
  • The ability for your pets to stay together in a familiar, stress-free environment
  • Safe surroundings without the necessity for potentially dangerous transportation
  • Complimentary pet photography and videos for your peace of mind
  • An additional layer of home security with mail/newspaper collection and property maintenance
  • Reliable supervision of your home and pets over weekends and holidays
  • An insured and bonded pet sitter, providing peace of mind for any unexpected incidents
  • Regular monitoring of home temperature for optimal comfort

The Cons of Kennels or Vet Boarding

  • Potential exposure to external parasites, such as fleas, ticks, lice, and mange
  • Potential exposure to communicable diseases such as leptospirosis, kennel cough and others
  • Reduced care and supervision over weekends and holidays
  • Possible separation of pets leading to anxiety and distress
  • Uncomfortable living conditions in cold, cramped kennels or cages
  • A loud and stressful environment due to constant barking
  • Risks of accidents or injuries during transportation
  • Additional costs for photo updates, grooming, and special diets
  • Unregulated temperature, leading to discomfort or health issues

The Risks of Relying on Friends or Neighbors

While it might seem convenient to have a friend or neighbor look after your pets, entrusting the care of your home and pets to unskilled and uninsured individuals can lead to unforeseen problems. Friends and neighbors typically lack professional pet care expertise, especially in emergency situations, and don’t carry liability insurance to cover any unfortunate incidents.

Pet Sitter Insurance Can Prevent Financial Loss and Legal Troubles

Smart, conscientious, and reputable pet sitters and dog walkers take their pet care and home sitting services very seriously, and will ensure that their insurance coverage is more than sufficient to cover damages, accidents, or injuries to your pets and property. Learn more about pet sitter insurance and bonding and what kinds of claims are covered.

You should also look for a sitter who is Pet First Aid and CPR Certified, providing you an additional layer of security and protection for your critters.

Do the Right Thing for Your Pets – Hire an Insured Pet Sitter!

While hiring an insured, experienced pet care professional may cost a bit more, it could save you substantially in potential emergency care, or medical and legal expenses. By choosing a skilled pet sitter to care for your pets in their own home, you ensure their safety, comfort, and happiness.

As expert pet sitters specializing in senior and special needs pet care in the Portland, OR metro area, we promise to provide an unparalleled level of care that your pets deserve. Guarantee your pets’ well-being by choosing our comprehensive, insured pet sitting services.

Trust us – your pets will thank you for it!

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