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Hire a Trustworthy, Experienced Ranch & Livestock Sitter!

Your everyday cat and dog sitter often doesn’t have the intensive and proven experience needed to work with small to large ranch critters such as horses, goats, sheep, pigs or other outdoor animals.

These animals need exercise, grooming and hoof care, preparation and feeding of complex diets, and live in corrals that often feature electric fencing and automatic waterers.

Nor do inexperienced, small animal sitters know what subtle to apparent signs of distress or injury look like in ranch animals and livestock or understand when a home remedy might be appropriate or when it’s time to call in your trusted veterinarian.

Whether you’d like a couple visits a day, overnight care, or a sitter who can live in your home 24 hours, Bat Country Pet Sitting can help!

I provide care for non-commercial livestock, such as:

  • Goats and sheep
  • Ducks, chickens, geese, other feathered barnyard friends
  • Llamas, alpacas and other camelid critters
  • All kinds of piggies
  • Any other outdoor feathered or furry critters
  • Drop-in visits, overnight, and 24 hr pet sitting available!

How Does Hiring BatCo Work?

I understand the stress involved with finding a ranch sitter who will treat your animals with superior care and attention. To help reassure you,  I will make a free trial run visit with you prior to starting new sitting services for you, in addition to the first home visit.

This will allow me to observe your routine as closely as possible, you can see how I interact with your animals, and you can explain your process of caring for them to me. The more knowledge I have about your pets and their routine, the better care I can provide.

Do you have an ark of animals? I’ll put together a Custom Quote for you!

Hire an Expert Sitter with a Lifetime of Animal Care Experience

My name is Brea and I grew up in Norco, CA, a town steeped in horse ownership including breeding, riding, and showing, and also livestock rearing, showing, and meat production.

My family bred and showed national-level winning Arabians, Saddlebreds, and National Show Horses. Our neighbors raised goats, sheep, pigs, and cows for milk and meat production and I often assisted in their care, feeding, and medical treatment.

From a very young age, I provided grooming, feeding, and medical care to our own horses and goats, and became quite skilled at handling and assisting horses and goats during foaling or kidding. I also bred and sold pygmy goats for fun and profit.

Our neighborhood was alive, loud and raucous with the sound of peacocks, guinea fowl, geese and roosters calling at all hours. I was already a trusted young critter sitter and cared for all sorts of our neighbor’s creatures, and I loved it. We also kept chickens and ducks, along with the usual cats and dogs. Working with all manner of creatures is a lifelong passion!

You can trust Bat Country Pet Sitting with your beloved outdoor critters!

I guarantee “Purr-fect Service” and professional conduct. Your home is covered by comprehensive pet sitter insurance in case of accidents or injuries to pets or damage to property.