Dog Potty Break Service in Minnetonka

Pet Potty Breaks

I’ll drop into your place and let your dogs out in your fenced yard to get a breath of fresh air, stretch their legs, and do their ‘stuff’, including picking up and disposing of any new solid pet waste. I can also administer any basic medications, if needed.

And if you have exotic pets such as mini-pigs who need outdoor potty breaks, I’m happy to help.

Dog & Mini Pig Potty Breaks

Potty break visits include:

  • Up to 15 minute visit
  • Treats, if allowed
  • Playtime, quick brushing or cuddles
  • Fresh water will be offered and refilled
  • Basic medical care (pills, topicals)
  • Care for senior and special needs pets

Potty Break Prices

$19/visit up to 15 minutes

There are many benefits to potty breaks:

  • Crated dogs get a break and can stretch their legs for a bit outside
  • Can reduce anxiety and common behavior problems
  • Helps support potty training in puppies and young dogs
  • Helps relax your dog and build confidence

Potty break terms: This is not a dog walking service. If meals are to be included, a full service dog sitting visit fee will apply. Note: I do not provide poop scooping services. I’ll be happy to pick up new solid waste produced by the pets during my visit.

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