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Updated 12/6/2019. By using this website, and my services, you agree to the policies below.

Vaccination Policy

I require that pets such as cats and dogs (and exotic pets such as foxes, skunks, ferrets, etc) are kept current with their rabies vaccinations, as required by Arizona law.

I may make exceptions based on the pet’s age, titer levels, general health, or living arrangements. For example, if there is an active pet door that could be used by an outside mammal to enter the home, or allow pets to go outside with no supervision, we will require rabies vaccinations for all cats and dogs under our care.

Other vaccinations have some leeway. If you choose not to provide core vaccinations (or to adjust vaccination schedules due to antibody titer test results, etc) I respect your choices. However, because I care for so many animals with varying vaccine status, and visit homes that include health-compromised pets, I STRONGLY recommend that you provide at least the core vaccinations your cats and dogs need. I cannot be held accountable for any pet illnesses resulting from unvaccinated pets.


Meet & Greet Visits with New Clients

I will schedule a free Meet and Greet with you and your pet/s at least 7-14 days prior to booking new client services. This allows us to get to know each other and see if we’re a fit for working together. Subsequent home visits are $25 per visit, up to 45 min.

I reserve the right to refuse booking services during the meet and greet visit if anything dangerous, unhealthy or negative is perceived during this visit (‘hoarder’ or unhealthy homes, aggressive pets, homes with chronic indoor smokers, etc).

Existing clients: We also reserve the right to refuse service or adjust our contracted services, if your home is or becomes a health or safety hazard to us at any time, or involves aggressive/biting pets.


Booking, Schedule Changes & Cancellations

NEW CLIENTS: Before our meet and greet, you will be quoted the rate of the total payment prior to the first home visit. Payment in full is due at the time of the first home visit (or other arrangement we’ve settled on in writing, if the total is over $500). I reserve the right to adjust your quote, based on our meet and greet visit, if additional care or services are needed.

EXISTING CLIENTS: Payment in full is due by or before the first service date. You may leave cash or personal check on the counter, or pay ahead of time via PayPal or Venmo. (You do not need a PayPal account to pay via PayPal.)

DEPOSITS: All bookings over $500 and/or bookings made over 2 months in advance require a deposit (amount based on total service fee) at the time of booking. Sits scheduled during peak months (Oct-Dec, April-July) may also require a deposit, based on dates and length of scheduled sits.

Late/missed payments: An additional late fee of $25 will be assessed at my discretion for late payments or for each instance of failing to provide your payment before you leave.

Returned Check Fee: A handling charge of $35.00, in addition to any bank charges/fees, will be assessed for each occurrence.

Cancellation Policy: BatCo cancellation and refund policies are non-negotiable. In addition to basic pet sitting services for dogs and cats, I provide medical care and supportive health services for senior pets and special needs animals, and services involving outdoor animals, livestock, and exotic pets.

Because of this specialized care, my services are in high demand. Cancelling services with no notice, especially during peak months (Oct-Dec, April-July), prevents me from booking that time for animals in need of medical and advanced care.

Holiday Bookings/Cancellations: Bookings for existing clients over the following holidays require a 50% deposit (of the total fee) to hold your dates, with the second 50% due at the time service starts. This holiday deposit is payable by cash, personal check, PayPal or Venmo at the time of booking: Easter weekend, Independence Day, Labor Day, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve/Day, New Years Eve/Day.

I require at least 30 days notice of cancellation for holiday bookings, otherwise the remaining 50% service fee may be charged, at my discretion.

Non-Holiday Cancellations: I require at least 21 days notice of cancellation. $25 (non-medical booking) to $50 (medical booking) fee per incident during peak service months may be applied.

Last Minute Schedule Changes: Please do note that any prior bookings with other clients might make it difficult or impossible to accommodate your last-minute travel changes, but I will do my best to accommodate you. Thank you for your understanding!

Potty Break Cancellations: Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will not receive a credit. With at least 24 hours prior notice, you will receive a credit for that day’s potty break, to be applied to the next services.

Credits: Should you need to cancel any services, you will receive a non-transferable credit, which expires 12 months from date credit is applied. There are no cash refunds.

Travel Fee: An additional $10 holiday travel fee will be charged per trip for drop-in visits and potty breaks occurring on the following holidays (total travel fee not to exceed $20/day): Easter Sunday, Independence Day, Labor Day, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve/Day, New Years Eve/Day.

Early Returns: At least 24 hours notice is required for early returns.

Rate changes: For first-time client visits, I reserve the right to adjust quoted service fees after the first sit is completed, based on the actual level of care required for pets. This also applies to existing clients, if care and medical needs change or new pets are added.


Cameras & Audio/Video Security Devices

I am trustworthy, have nothing to hide, and don’t mind if you use cameras or similar devices for visually monitoring the interior/exterior of your home. I only require that if I use your restroom OR if I will be having overnight pet sits in your home, that cameras are not active in the main restroom or the room in which I’ll be sleeping, for privacy. Should I discover that live and/or recording cameras are active in these areas while I am using them, I reserve the right to terminate any and all contracts immediately, with no refunds.

Audio Recording–Please be aware of Arizona wiretapping laws before setting up any device in your home to record audio or listen live.  If you use any kind of device to listen to or record audio of your pet sitter (in the home, on the phone, etc) without their permission, you are in violation of state and federal law. This also applies to audiovisual devices used to monitor audio and video of pets or pet activity. You may not purposefully be thinking of recording your sitter when you use these kinds of devices, and may not know that an audio recording from a pet’s monitoring device may be considered illegal. Learn more about Arizona wire tap laws.


Biting Dog/Aggressive Pet Policy

I will not accept a sit with aggressive pets of any type, breed, or size that require hands-on interaction or getting into their space to feed/care for (some exemptions include caged/contained exotic pets and birds that do not require direct interaction or handling). This includes aggressive dogs and/or dogs with a bite history, cats who attack (this is different from a friendly cat who might attempt to bite or scratch during playtime), horses that attack, bite or kick, large goats that aggressively headbutt, etc.

If any pet shows signs of dangerous, over the top aggression, or attacks BCPS staff (whether or not a bite occurs), I will immediately terminate the sit and notify the client. In cases where the client is not accessible, BCPS will contact the emergency contact.  In these circumstances, the emergency contact will then take over responsibility for the animal. If I determine that any of your pets are aggressive during the initial home visit, I reserve the right to refuse service.

Refunds/credits will not be given for sits terminated due to animal bites/attacks. Pet owners are responsible for medical bills and lost wages of BCPS staff resulting from an animal’s aggressive behavior.


“Job Sharing” / Guests Staying in Your Home

“Job sharing” with anyone not affiliated with BatCo is not recommended. If the client allows any other person(s) access to their home, pets, or property during the relevant contract period, BatCo cannot and will not be held liable for any theft/loss, damages to property, or injury/loss/death of pets as a result of BatCo not having sole access to the client’s home during our contracted service time.

Bat Country Pet Sitting politely declines to provide pet sitting services in ‘job sharing’ situations or if clients have family or guests staying in your home for any length of time while they are gone. Read more about how pet sitter insurance works.


Major Pet Messes & Clean Up Jobs

I understand that accidents do happen, and sometimes may be the result of sudden ill health, etc. I will make every effort to contact you for direction in incidents like this, but because long clean-ups can negatively impact the day’s calendar and affect my ability to serve other clients, I must charge extra time for clean-up over 20 minutes at a rate of  $35 per 1/2 hour.

Cleanup for major indoor accidents such as excessive vomiting, excessive incontinence, diarrhea, blood from an injury, etc may need specialized cleaning products or equipment. I cannot be held liable for any damage to floors, rugs, or surfaces soiled during an unexpected pet health crisis, soiled while we are not present, or soiled by pets who have free-roam of the house 24 hours a day. If the clean-up needed is significant, I may suggest that the client hire a professional cleaning service instead.

Some pets may not adjust to your absence right away and may have an accident in your home. This is normal and BCPS will make every effort to clean up after your pet. However, I reserve the right to increase the number of visits per day and/or charge for extra clean-up time if your pet is consistently soiling your home between visits. These extra visits will be added to your bill.


Non-Consecutive Visits

If I am pet sitting your animals while you are away, I require at least one visit per day to your home (or more, depending on the animal/s). For the safety and wellness of your pets and the security of your property and home, I will never under any circumstances contract for non-consecutive day (skipping days) services.


Home Safety & Hygiene Policy

Please ensure prior to my visits that your home is in general good order, and animal areas and litter areas/boxes have been left clean.

You can help me provide 5-star service by providing a clean and safe living environment for your pets and a reasonable level of comfort for me, so I can care for your pets properly. I reserve the right to refuse service if the home is or becomes a serious health or safety hazard. This includes homes with chronic indoor smokers. I, and your pets, thank you!


Privacy and Asset Protection Policy

At Bat Country Pet Sitting, your privacy and assets are a principal concern. In order to provide you with the best service possible, and protect you and your assets, I have certain requirements and policies.

I do not ‘job share’ or permit anyone who is not insured to have have access to your home and property, aside from me. This helps guarantee that, should problems or issues arise, you, your home, and your pets are fully covered by my pet sitter’s insurance.

I do not divulge the identity of my clients to anyone outside of my business. In a further measure, if through outside means, people know you are a client, they would never know the exact dates of service.

If for some reason someone arrives at your house while I am contracted with you, I will inform them that I am performing services per your request, and that you are currently unavailable. Beyond that, I will answer no further questions, and will not be able to take any messages in this instance.

If anyone contacts me with an urgent need to contact you, regardless of relation to you, I will contact you on their behalf. I will not under ANY circumstances release information to them unless you have given prior approval.

If I secure a key to gain access to your home, it is coded so that no one can match your key with your information..

If at any time I feel your privacy, or the security of your assets, is in jeopardy I will take whatever measures necessary to protect you. If this is an issue that needs your input, I will immediately contact you.


Pet First Aid and Medical Care Information

Though I do have vet tech experience, this means that I can and will provide appropriate first aid to your pets, can restrain your pet as needed and provide basic medications and treatments, and can help if your pet might be injured, or exhibiting symptoms of illness or stress.

However, I am not a licensed veterinarian, and many kinds of animals are experts at hiding illness or injury. I will not at any point attempt to diagnose any illness or injury, or provide any medical advice that should rightfully be provided by a veterinarian. I cannot be held responsible for injuries or illnesses not immediately apparent to me during pet sitting services.

I am not a substitute for veterinary care, but will give appropriate support to your pet (as your pet allows) to stabilize them as needed, before transporting them to the vet you have indicated in your pet paperwork, if such is needed.

You have hired Bat Country Pet Sitting to be responsible for your pet(s) and home. I will make basic decisions regarding your pet(s) and their care. However, I will contact you if something arises which I feel needs your attention.

Please inform me of any behavioral issues or personality traits of your pets. This might include but is not limited to: escape artists, diggers, chewers, hiders, biters, fractious/sassy cats, coprophagia (eating poop), toy-possessive dogs, cats with hairball problems, horses/livestock that are forward or are biters/kickers, etc.

It is important to let me know if you have a sick animal, or one that is susceptible to becoming ill. Remember, I see many animals in a day. I take measures to reduce the chances of carrying illnesses from one home to another, so its very helpful to have any information that would help me make smart decisions about your pets and their care.


This policy may be modified or changed in the future to adapt to changing business conditions.

I take these extra steps to ensure I provide you with exceptional service.

Thank you for helping me provide the BEST care for your animals!

BatCo is a Top Rated Pet Service!

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