Portland OR Cat Sitter

Service Fees

Expert Care & Medical Treatment

Pets in need of medical care and drug administration receive care from a sitter with veterinary technician expertise. I also am a FEMA-trained instructor, teaching Pet First Aid and CPR Certification.

Prices listed here are base prices. Your final quote is based on number and type of pets, services needed, medical/special needs care, location etc.

BOARDING: I do not board animals of any kind in my home.

Daily Pictures & Videos FREE!

I make being away from your pets a little easier by sending you daily pictures and/or videos sent via Signal or WhatsApp secure messaging. You’ll get to see your beloved critters’ faces every day, and rest assured that they are well cared for and happy!

Gratuities aren’t required, but are always welcome if you feel I’ve provided stellar service. Please no food, alcohol, or plants as gratuities, thank you. Cash, Amazon gift cards, or tips via Venmo/Cash App are wonderful and much appreciated!

Meet & Greet (Home Visit)

I will come to your house to meet your pets and you, gather necessary information about your pets and home for setting up new services, and we’ll go over the pet forms, contract, and policies in detail.

I will also get two house keys from you to keep securely on file in order to provide future pet sitting services, to provide clients lock-out service, and as a back-up if electronic means of entry to your home are disrupted.

Meet & Greet Fee

First Consult Free: Up to 45 minutes for most pet services. Setting up services for ranch animals and certain types of exotic pets may require a longer home visit, at no additional charge.

Subsequent Consults: $25: per 30 minutes

Drop-In Pet Care

Visits include:

  • L.A.P. Time! (Love, Affection, Playtime)
  • Snack or meal time
  • Refresh water
  • Scoop cat boxes
  • Food and water dishes washed
  • Clean pet areas, including exotic pet and bird enclosures
  • Extra care for senior and special needs pets
  • Medications, special diets, or medical support

House Sitting Included!

I’m happy to:

  • Collect mail & packages
  • Gather newspapers
  • Remove solicitation flyers
  • Rotate lights
  • Check AC/heat temp
  • Water plants and/or garden
  • Refill bird/outside animal feeders
  • Take trash in/out
  • Perform daily home security check

Drop-In Visits

Full-service pet care in my service area starts at $24/visit. The length of time per visit is dependent on the number/type of pets. Final rate is based on number of animals, your location, and services needed.

Have exotic pets, parrots, small livestock, or other animals? Please contact BatCo for a Custom Quote.

Overnight Pet Sitting

When you can’t be there to cuddle up with your critters, hire someone who will be happy to love on them as much as you do!

Services include:

  • Any special needs or medical care for your pets
  • Care from a sitter certified in Pet First Aid, CPR & Disaster Preparedness
  • Play time, brushing, light pet massage, and cuddles
  • Litter box scooping (deep cleaning/box sanitation by request, $20 per box)
  • Daily texts, pictures and/or videos sent via text
  • Pet “Housekeeping” – Cleaning up basic indoor, pet-created messiness while you’re away to keep your home nice and tidy for your return. (This is not a full house cleaning service)
  • Final pricing for all live-in services is customized to each client’s location in my service area and their pets’ individual needs, which can include exotic pet care, bird care, multiple pets, medical care and support, hand-feeding animals, etc.

Overnight & 24 hr Pet Sitting Fees

Overnight Pet Sitter Services

  • $75 per night (no medical care needed)
  • $95 (includes medical care)

24 hr Live In Pet Sitter Services

  • Base rate is $155 per 24 hrs

Have outdoor or ranch animals? Read more about overnight and 24 hour live-in ranch sitting services for rates and availability. I do not provide services for equines (horses, donkeys, etc).

Emergency Vet Visits

Animals that I can lift (25 lb limit) and that will fit in my small SUV (via carrier or in the secured back area of the vehicle) will be transported safely to your preferred standard or emergency vet. This can include certain exotic and outdoor pets.

WEIGHT LIMITS: In case of emergencies with animals over 25lbs, we will discuss an emergency back up plan before beginning your first service. This may involve ensuring your local emergency contact is ready and able to assist me with your pet in a medical emergency or having a local vet available who makes emergency house calls.

Emergency Care

Vet Visit Fee: $25 per 1/2 hr. Clients are responsible for paying vet fees at the time vet services are rendered. BatCo will not be responsible for vet, grooming, or related fees.


All bookings over $500 require a deposit (amount based on total service fee) at the time of booking. Sits scheduled during peak months (Oct-Dec, April-July) may also require a deposit, based on dates and length of scheduled sits. Read more about Policies & Payments.

An additional $25 travel fee will be charged per holiday for services occurring on the following holidays: Easter Sunday, Independence Day, Labor Day, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve, New Years Day.