Meet Brea

  • Owner, medical pet sitter at Bat Country Pet Sitting
  • Honors BA: English & Creative Writing
  • Teacher, coach, trainer, consultant
  • Pet First Aid & CPR Certified Trainer
  • Mini-MBA in Nonprofit Management

Veterinary Technician Experience

I have college-level training and advanced vet tech expertise, including but not limited to caring for senior pets, animals with special physical or medical needs, first aid and medical care for reptiles, birds and psittacines (parrots), and small mammals.

I first began my vet tech training with the internationally known and respected avian veterinarian Dr. Hannis L Stoddard III (inventor of the AVID microchip) at the Animal & Bird Veterinary Medical Center in Norco, California. While working at this clinic, I also learned to handle and treat exotic birds and parrots large and small (from pocket parrots to hyacinth macaws), reptiles and pocket pets.

I also had the unique experience of helping to treat and rehabilitate wild mammals, raptors large and small, songbirds, hummingbirds, corvids (crows, etc) and many other creatures.

All of this ensures that, if your animal is showing visible signs of injury, illness or distress, I can make more informed decisions about your pet’s care than the average pet sitter.

Exotic Pet, Horse & Livestock Experience

Horses & Pony

I grew up in a town steeped in horse ownership including breeding, riding, and showing, and also livestock rearing, showing, and meat production. My family bred and showed national-level winning Arabians, Saddlebreds, and National Show Horses.

I provided grooming, feeding, and medical care for horses and goats, and was also a breeder of pygmy goats. We also kept chickens and ducks, along with the usual cats and dogs.

Over the years, I’ve kept exotic pets such as: reptiles and amphibians, exotic insects, freshwater fish, songbirds, a precious lutino cockatiel, guinea pigs, rats, and more. I have also worked as Small Mammal and Aquatics Specialist in privately-owned, specialty pet shops.

In high school, my friends called me Doctor Doolittle, or The Little Professor, and whenever there were baby birds or other critters in need, people in our neighborhood would show up at our door, or even bring critters in boxes to school with them, to hand over to my care.

I honestly can’t remember a time when I haven’t had a pet or have been caring for some creature or other!

Education & Training

University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

Honors BA: English & Creative Writing
Minor: Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature

Honors: Graduated Magna cum Laude, with Distinction. Golden Key International Honour Society, Dean’s List, College of Liberal Arts Honor Society

Argosy University-MN

Veterinary Technician, Veterinary Technology

Selection of classes taken: Small Animal Medicine, Veterinary Diseases, Veterinary Lab Procedures, Animal Behavior, Clinical Veterinary Training, Comparative Anatomy, Emergency & Critical Care, Parasitology, Microbiology, Veterinary Pharmacology

Mini-MBA in Nonprofit Management

University of St. Thomas, MN
Courses covered: Accounting, Budgeting, Employment Law, Ethics, Fundraising, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Legal Issues, Governance, Program Evaluation, Strategic Planning, Supervision and Leadership, Volunteer Management, Personal Leadership in Action

Brea & Badger

Badger was a lab/border collie mix, rescued as a puppy. He was my best friend and unofficial emotional support puppo for nearly 15 years. Sadly, he passed over the Rainbow Bridge in November of 2018. He was a special needs dog, who had separation anxiety and in his older years, laryngeal paralysis, IBS and doggy dementia.

It was my honor to be his human companion and friend for the years we had together, and he remains my constant inspiration when providing care for senior and special needs animals.

Miskey & Bigguns

My two senior kitties are my current companions. Miskey is 18 and Bigguns is 20. They’re my best buddies!

My Kitties