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Freedom Rides

In the animal care community, a “Freedom Ride” is the final journey from the animal shelter or rescue facility, to an animal’s foster/forever home.

I am a Certified Pet 1st Aid & CPR Instructor with clinic and college-trained veterinary technician expertise. I am happy to provide transport and support for animals in need of medical care or extra care and handling.

Animals will ride in a quiet, clean and well-maintained small SUV, with heat, AC, cabin allergen air filter, and tinted windows, arriving at their new home in comfort and style!

Portland OR Reptile Sitter

Transport Available for Cats, Dogs, Reptiles, Exotics & Birds

Trust BatCo to provide professional, experienced and insured transport, care, and handling of dogs, cats, exotic and non-traditional pets and animals.

I am available for Freedom Rides on a limited basis for locations within 2 hours of Portland OR. Please contact BatCo for more information about availability!