General FAQs

Tell me about your experience handling animals and any special training.

Briana: I have many years of experience with animal care, husbandry, etc. I grew up with horses, goats, chickens, waterfowl, livestock, providing general and medical care, feed, grooming etc to all, as needed. In my youth, I was a pet/animal/house sitter for our neighbors.

I also have advanced veterinary technician experience (in traditional and exotic vet clinics, and in emergency/critical care environments). This also provides in-depth knowledge of first aid and urgent care for pets. I have worked in specialty shops to big name pet stores in the past, as small mammal and aquatic specialist, and have set up and maintained many kinds of freshwater fish set-ups.

With my husband Ryan, who is also a pet care professional, we aim to provide a level of pet/animal care to our clients that puts us head and shoulders above the everyday pet sitter. We are also both Pet First Aid and CPR Certified.

What is your back-up plan, in the event of an emergency?

We work hard to ensure that our clients and their pets are well cared for, no matter what unexpected emergencies arise. However, we require that our clients set up their own local emergency back-up, whether it’s another sitter or a local friend or family member who has a key and is ready to help while you are away, if needed.

We are more than happy to help folks set up an emergency contact system prior to setting up new service. It will be up to clients to maintain their emergency contact network and let us know of any changes before any scheduled sits. Read more about our back-up emergency support plans, and what is required of our clients to ensure that our back-up plans work properly.

Are you comfortable administering medication or first aid?

Briana has advanced-level clinic experience as a veterinary technician and experience providing basic to advanced medical care for dogs, cats and other animals, and has also worked through formal vet tech certification via college-level training and curriculum. She is willing and able to administer topical, pill or liquid meds, subcutaneous fluids, injections such as insulin, and provide basic medical care to your pets. We can also prepare/feed special diets if needed.

Are you willing to do additional tasks at my home while I’m away (e.g., water plants, bring in the mail)

We’re happy to water indoor and outdoor plants, bring in the mail, scoop poop, clean litter boxes and pet areas, etc. Barf? No problem. Other pet messes? We’ll clean them right up! We bring a full cleaning kit with us to every visit. We will ensure that pet areas and your home in general are neat and tidy when you return!

We often provide extra cleaning services free of charge such as wiping down kitchen surfaces, a quick mop of the kitchen and entry floors, as applicable) etc. Our goal is to leave a home better than we found it. We are also happy to send you pictures and videos via cell phone of your pet friends, so you can rest assured that they are well taken care of and happy!

Can you provide proof that you carry commercial liability insurance covering accidents, injuries or damages?

Yes! We are fully insured via KennelPro. Read more about our memberships and insurance coverage. We will show you our proof of coverage at out first home visit. NOTE: “bonding” insurance is only required if a business has employees or independent contractors who will enter client homes. BatCo is owned and services provided by Briana and Ryan Malmstrom, and as we have no employees or contractors, we are not required by law to secure bonding insurance. Our comprehensive pet sitter and dog walker insurance covers us and your pets, and your home and property.

Are you associated with a veterinarian who can provide emergency services?

Yes, if a client does not have a preferred emergency vet for us to use, we will visit the closest Affiliated Emergency Veterinary Services (AEVS) clinic. It is the client’s responsibility to either leave a method of payment (check, credit card etc) or provide such to their vet of choice (including the closest emergency vet). We do not pay or cover any veterinary or other bills or expenditures for clients under any circumstances, and we never keep financial information on file, for your security.

What are your vaccination policies?

We require that pets such as cats and dogs (and exotic pets such as foxes, skunks, ferrets, etc) are kept current with their rabies vaccinations, as required by Minnesota law.

We may make exceptions based on the pet’s age, titer levels, general health, or living arrangements. For example, if there is an active pet door that could be used by an outside mammal to enter the home, or allow pets to go outside with no supervision, we will require rabies vaccinations for all cats and dogs under our care.

Other vaccinations have some leeway. If you choose not to provide core vaccinations (or to adjust vaccination schedules due to antibody titer test results, etc) we respect your choices. However, because we care for so many animals with varying vaccine status, and visit homes that include health-compromised pets, we STRONGLY recommend that you provide at least the core vaccinations your cats and dogs need. We cannot be held accountable for any pet illnesses resulting from unvaccinated pets.

Dog FAQs

What would you like to know about a dog before sitting him or her?

We would like to know of any special needs, relating to personality, health, care and feeding. It’s also helpful to know if your dog or other furry pets have particular behavioral or personality quirks. We’d also like to know how they handle on leash/harness, and how the dog tolerates other people/animals while out and about on walks.

Do you have any breed preferences or restrictions?

We don’t have any breed preferences and love pets of all breeds and species, but if your dog is an angry dog, dangerously undisciplined, is not neutered, or a biter, we would prefer not to handle or pet sit any aggressive dogs of any breed. Please BE HONEST when informing us of your pets’ history, to protect us and your pets from unfortunate circumstances.

Cat FAQs

Will you visit my cat every other day? I'm trying to save money.

If we are pet sitting your cats while you are away, we require at least one visit per day to your home. For the safety and wellness of your cats and the security of your property and home, we will not contract for non-consecutive days (skipping days).

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