Reptile Sitter -- 29 Palms, CAPet Sitting for Birds, Small Mammals & Exotic Pets

I enjoy caring for critters that need special handling and expertise, such as:

  • Reptiles and amphibians
  • Birds (from finches to pigeons to parrots to poultry!)
  • Non-aquatic invertebrates (scorpions, tarantulas, hissing roaches, etc)
  • Indoor fresh/saltwater fish, outdoor pond fish and plants, aquaponic set-ups
  • Small mammals such as: guinea pigs, rats, rabbits, and more!

Read my detailed bio to learn more about my extensive background in working with exotic critters.

Special Diets? Carnivorous Pets? No Problem!

I’m happy to provide basic to advanced feeding, cleaning and care for exotic pets, reptiles, small mammals, insects and more. I’ve even fed and cared for crocodiles! I have no problem feeding venomous exotics such as tarantulas, scorpions, etc but am not equipped to handle or work with venomous snakes.

Many exotic pets require specially prepared diets or feed on other kinds of animals. I am comfortable feeding your animals whatever food they require, from pinkies and frozen mice/rats, to raw meat diets, to chopped fruits, greens and vegetables.

I’m not squeamish and will be happy to do what’s needed to care for your strange and wonderful little friends!

Pet Sitting Rates

Because the needs of exotic pets can vary in detail and amount of work, I prefer to provide customized quotes. For example, hamster feeding and care is a minimal effort, but feeding certain types of reptiles or caring for large parrots can be more time intensive.

Please contact me to discuss the types of exotic pets you’d like me to care for, and I’ll create an affordable quote for you!

Cage/enclosure cleaning: Price varies according to pet and type of enclosure.

Additional charges might apply for outdoor plant care, garden care, aquaponics and outdoor fish/pond care, outdoor animal care in winter, wild animal and bird feeding, etc.

Vet Technician Experience

Brea has advanced veterinary clinic experience as a veterinary technician, and offers you basic to advanced care for pets in the Norco, CA area. She has also worked through formal, college-level vet tech training and curriculum. Her professional experience includes working at dog/cat, exotic/small animal clinics and urgent/critical animal care clinics.

Reptile & Bird Sitter