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Pet Sitting for Birds, Small Mammals & Exotic Pets

Welcome to Bat Country Pet Sitting, your exotic pet care specialist in Portland, OR! My name is Brea and I understand that exotic pets are more than just pets – they’re part of your family.

I offer specialized pet-sitting services designed to meet the unique needs of your unusual and exotic companions. From pot-bellied pigs and pythons to tarantulas and African cockroaches, I am here to provide the best care possible.

What Exactly Are ‘Exotic Pets’?

“Exotic pets” refers to a wide range of animals beyond the usual dogs and cats. This includes a wide variety of creatures such as reptiles, amphibians, birds, small mammals like guinea pigs, rats, and hamsters, as well as larger animals such as pot belly pigs and llamas.

Even little guys like tarantulas, freshwater shrimp, or stick insects fall under my care.

Categories of Exotic Pets

Let’s delve into the diverse categories of what are considered “exotic pets”:

The Delicate Dwellers: Amphibians

With both terrestrial and aquatic characteristics, amphibians make fantastic pets for those seeking low-maintenance companions. However, handling them requires gloves due to their thin skin, and it’s essential to wash your hands afterward.

Their dietary needs are usually satisfied with live or pre-killed insects, emulating their natural diet. Some of the more popular exotic amphibians include African clawed frogs, fire-bellied toads, and White’s tree frogs.

Feathered Friends: Birds

Pet birds of all kinds flourish with attention, enrichment and engagement. Their diverse diet includes leafy greens, vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, pellets, and seeds. Some popular exotic birds are African grey parrots, toucans, ring-necked parakeets, cockatoos, and lorikeets.

Crawling Critters: Terrestrial Invertebrates

If you’re looking for a truly unique pet, consider caring for a non-aquatic invertabrate.  Most are considered low-maintenance, but some, like tarantulas, live for about ten years, requiring a long-term commitment. Popular choices in this category include Madagascar hissing cockroaches, jumping spiders, praying mantises, tarantulas, and scorpions.

Cool Companions: Reptiles

While requiring less day-to-day care, reptiles have specific needs, making their care more complex than conventional pets. Considerations such as cage size and heating requirements should be kept in mind, as some reptiles can reach large sizes. Popular exotic reptiles include iguanas, bearded dragons, ball pythons, hognose snakes, box turtles, and Chinese water dragons.

Night Owls: Rodents and Weasels

Rodents and weasels typically follow a nocturnal pattern, being active during the night. Their diet varies, with some species, like ferrets, being obligate carnivores. Rodent species like chinchillas, mice, gerbils, prairie dogs, ferrets, and rats are often considered common pets but still fall under the exotic category.

Beyond The Usual: Other Amazing Pets

For those seeking truly out-of-the-ordinary companions, consider giant African land snails, hedgehogs, kinkajous, coatis, skunks, and sugar gliders.

I offer exotic animal owners vet tech experience and advanced training specific to exotic animals. Not only does this guarantee the safety and well-being of your pet, but it also offers you peace of mind knowing your pet is in expert hands.

Tarantula Spider

My Exotic Pet Sitting Services in Action

My process begins with an initial consultation to understand your pet’s unique needs. I discuss their specific care instructions and ensure that I am well-acquainted with your type of pet. If your pet has unique needs, I can even arrange trial runs to ensure a smooth pet sitting experience.

I understand that every pet is different, so my affordable pricing varies depending on the type of pet, their specific needs, and your location in the Portland area.

The Bat Country Pet Sitting Advantage

I am committed to providing exceptional, 5-star care for your exotic pets while you’re away. I know how much you love your pets, and I mirror that love and attention when you can’t be there. I am passionate about animals and thrive in providing a service that helps pet owners feel secure.

Special Diets? Carnivorous Pets? No Problem!

I’m happy to provide basic to advanced feeding, cleaning, and care for exotic pets, reptiles, small mammals, insects, and more. I’ve even cared for crocodiles! I have no problem feeding venomous exotics such as tarantulas, scorpions, etc, but I am not equipped to handle or work with venomous snakes.

Many exotic pets require specially prepared diets or feed on other kinds of animals. I am comfortable feeding your animals whatever food they require, from pinkies and frozen mice/rats, to raw meat diets, to chopped fruits, greens and vegetables.

I’m not squeamish and will be happy to do what’s needed to care for your strange and wonderful little friends!

Pet Sitting Rates

Because the needs of exotic pets can vary in detail and amount of work, I prefer to provide customized quotes. For example, hamster feeding and care is a minimal effort, but feeding certain types of reptiles or caring for large parrots can be more time-intensive.

Please contact me to discuss the types of exotic pets you’d like me to care for, and I’ll create an affordable quote for you!

Cage/enclosure cleaning: Price varies according to pet and type of enclosure.

Additional charges might apply for indoor freshwater and saltwater fish aquariums, outdoor plant care, garden care, aquaponics and outdoor fish/pond care, outdoor animal care in winter, wild animal and bird feeding, etc.

Let’s Get Started!

Contact Bat Country Pet Sitting today to learn more about my specialized exotic pet sitting services in Portland, Oregon. I’m excited to meet your unique pet and help you provide them with the best care possible!

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