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Biofilm: The Common Slime That’s Poisoning Your Pets & Family

As pet owners, we’ve all seen or felt that nasty slime that forms in our pets’ food and water dishes (and on shower curtains, in toilets, and many other areas of your home). This slime is called bacterial biofilm and can contain deadly bacteria, such as: staph, E. coli, listeria, candida, salmonella, H. pylori, and many more. Your pets and family members are at risk–learn what to do about biofilm in your home!

Internal Parasites in Reptiles

17 Common Internal Parasites & Their Reptile Hosts

A parasite is any animal that lives on or within a second animal, and for the most part, parasites live in harmony with their hosts in the wild. They derive sustenance or protection from them, and although they may not offer any benefit in return, this delicate balance between parasite and host in the wild takes on new meaning in captive reptiles. In some cases, a parasite that would not normally harm its reptile host in the wild can cause deadly disease in captivity.

First Aid Tips & Resources for Pet Owners

We all want what’s best for our pets – the most healthy pet food, the best toys for fun and enrichment, plenty of exercise, a cozy and safe place to sleep, and much more. We do all we can to give them the healthiest and happiest life possible. But in doing all you can to ensure your pets are healthy and happy, have you learned what to do in case of an emergency? Would you know what to do if your pet came in with an open wound, suffered a snake bite or wasp sting, got a toy stuck in their throat, or simply stopped breathing?