24 Hour Live-In Pet Sitting

24 Hr Live-In Pet Sitting, Austin TX

24 Hour Pet Sitting is Ideal For:

  • Horses, goats, llamas, and other outdoor livestock and ranch animals
  • Puppies and kittens (or other baby critters!) who need around the clock special care, feeding and attention
  • Older pets or special needs animals who need a helping hand, extra cuddles and comfort, or medical care
  • Exotic pets, reptiles or birds who need custom diet preparation, extra attention, or who are on specific feed/sleep/wake cycles
  • Any other situation in which you would like to have extra care and constant personal attention given to your pets and home

When you can’t be there to cuddle up with your critters, hire someone who will be happy to love on them as much as you do! Learn more about why in-home pet sitting is superior to boarding pets.

Live-In Pet Sitter Service Includes:

  • Pet/animal feeding and care from a vet tech-trained sitter certified in Pet First Aid, CPR & Disaster Preparedness
  • Free potty breaks during the hours I’m at your home
  • Play time, brushing, light pet massage, and cuddles
  • Litter box scooping (deep cleaning and box sanitation by request, $20 per box)
  • Any special needs or medical care for your pets
  • Daily texts, pictures and/or videos sent via text or instant, secure messaging
  • Pet “Housekeeping” – Cleaning up basic indoor, pet-created messiness while you’re away to keep your home nice and tidy for your return. (This is not a full house cleaning service)

How Does 24 Hour Live-In Pet Sitting Work?

I will stay in your home, bring along my own toiletries, food and drinks, and provide my own bedding to place on top of your bed or futon of choice. (Please no sofas, old-school sofa beds, or mattresses on the floor.)

24 Hour Live-In Fees

Base rate: $165 per 24 hour blockHorse and outdoor pet care require a Custom Quote. Final pricing for 24 live-in pet sitting is customized to each client’s individual needs, which can include livestock care, exotic pets, bird care, multiple dogs/pets, medical care and support, hand-feeding animals, etc.

IMPORTANT: These services book months in advance, especially over major holidays. Please contact BatCo for availability.

Arrival & Departure

My arrival and departure times are flexible, but must be scheduled in 24 hour blocks. Any additional a la carte hours beyond the normal arrival/departure times are $35/hr.


  • Access to a secured and reliable WiFi connection
  • Doors/windows and door/window locks at ALL points of entry in good repair
  • All exterior lights, especially at main points of entry, are present and in working order
  • Functional fire/carbon monoxide alarms in key areas
  • Off-street parking (driveway or garage)
  • Preference, not required: active home security alarm system

Complete Home Care & Security

I have a clean background check, and I am Pet First Aid and CPR Certified. I do not smoke or vape, and no alcoholic beverages will be brought into your home at any time. Your home, belongings, and property will be treated with respect, discretion, and experienced care.

“Lived-In Look”: House Sitting Services Included

In addition to animal care, I will also bring in your newspaper and mail, water indoor/outdoor plants, rotate lights, take out/bring in trash bins, open/close curtains and blinds, and ensure your home and property are safe and secure.